The Whiskey House in the Reader!

The Whiskey House in the Reader!

Jul 16, 2015


The Diva’s rye humor

Article by Barbarella Fokos, July 15, 2015

For my taste, the perfect rye to sip by its lonesome, with or without one of those fancy ice cubes, is the luscious and smooth Angel’s Envy. Something about the process (it’s finished in rum barrels that used to be French cognac barrels) magically imbues the elixir with a creamy maple finish. At home I enjoy a splash of Angel’s Envy rye in a tumbler, like one of those suited men I imagined years ago, When I’m out, I like it a little more dolled up. The Old Fashioned at the Whiskey House features Angel’s Envy Rye with a bit of Angostura bitters and La Perruche sugar.

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