The Whiskey House in The San Diego Reader!

The Whiskey House in The San Diego Reader!

Jun 17, 2016


Tomato and lettuce are nice and crisp. Cheddar’s sharp, onions give it sweetness.

Hmm… Which whiskey? The Glenfiddich 40-year-old costs $1049 per shot. A jigger of Benchmark costs $1.

I hesitate.

“Gimme the Gl…Glenfid…d’uh, no. I guess I’ll take the Benchmark,” I say.

The $1 Benchmark is part of the happy-hour deal if you also get a pint of the house beer, which is Staropramen (A Czech lager. Means “Old Spring.” Actually Molson Coors now owns it, just to take some of the romance out of it. But you get a generous mug and it costs $4. Deal!).

So, yeah. I’m a happy camper sitting here in, turns out, this ancient Stingaree house of joy, which comes complete with resident ghost and this ginormous wall of whiskeys from Japan, Scotland, Tennessee — all over.

“It would take you a couple of years to sample every one of these,” says Vanessa, the bubbly gal to my left.

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