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The Whiskey Club

With over 2100 Whiskeys, The Whiskey House has created a monthly club for local enthusiasts to taste rare and limited whiskeys from all around the world. We typically meet on the first Tuesday of the month discussing and gaining knowledge of the featured Whiskey. Join our email list to get updates on upcoming events! Seating is limited.


Meetings First Tuesday of Every Month!

Membership is $25/month.
– 2 different 1 ounce pours of featured whiskey
– A T-shirt for first time members
– 10% off food
– Exclusive emails on upcoming events at The Whiskey House

Can’t make it on Tuesday? You’ll be able to try your featured whiskey within that month at any time. Seating is limited, so join today!

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July – Kavalan
Situated at the cross boundary of Yi-Lan mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the King Car distillery has been creating something that many thought would never happen: Taiwanese whisky. Naming their brand after the indigenous people that originally inhabited that area, the Kavalan, was a way to show how genuine King Car Group wanted to be with their new project. They wanted to make whisky truly inspired by Taiwan for the people living there, and to introduce the world to the unique ideas and directions their expressions can take. Since then, the Kavalan range has been winning awards left and right, for their single malts and Solist selection, which are all casked in different, imported barrels – including the World’s Best Single Malt Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards 2015. It even made the national press in 2010 when, in a blind taste test for The Times, Kavalan beat out three Scottish whiskies, shocking the judges. The whisky was unavailable in countries other than Taiwan and parts of China until mid-2013, when it was finally released for worldwide enjoyment.

August – Austin Nichols Distilling Co
“Austin Nichols Distilling Co in Lawrenceburg Kentucky was established in 1855. Now called Wild Turkey Hill, Austin Nichols has housed many distilleries in the last one hundred and sixty years. Its legacy has produced some of the best whiskeys such as Bond and LIllard whom won the 1904 St. Louis Word Fair as best whiskey. Join us as we walk through some of history and great whiskey. Hosted by Joshua Carlos – Wild Turkey Ambassador. We will be pouring the last remaining Wild Turkey 17, Bond & Lillard, Old Rippy and more!”

September – Dalmore
Dalmore might just be the most legendary distillery in the world, when it comes to creating stunning whisky with real provenance. The classic 12 and 15 year old have long been a mainstay for lovers of rich highland whisky, and the master blender, Richard Patterson, is one of the industry’s best loved celebrities. A recent slew of ultra premium whiskies have cemented the distillery as one with true éclat, and under Patterson we’ve seen record prices paid for super aged drams. In 2002, at McTear’s auction house in Glasgow, £25,877.50 was reached for a 62 year old bottle of Dalmore single malt, setting a new record for the highest price paid for a bottle of Scotch whisky. The house style is undeniably one of rich, full-bodied whisky, with orange, chocolate and coffee flavours and Dalmore whisky is regularly enjoyed as a post dinner digestif.

October – Michter’s
The rich history surrounding Michter’s harkens back to America’s first distilling company established in the 1700′s by John Shenk, a Swiss Mennonite farmer who settled his family in Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain Valley. With his farm producing an abundance of rye, in 1753 Shenk decided to build a small distillery to convert his excess rye to whiskey. In time, this little distillery with its hand-hammered stills would come to produce what would someday be known as the famous Michter’s whiskey. This particular rye whiskey was so valued that when the Revolutionary War broke out, General George Washington purchased it to fortify his men as they hunkered down in their camp through the long, brutal winter at Valley Forge. Michter’s, as the saying goes, was “the whiskey that warmed the American Revolution,” and it continues to warm today’s resurgent American whiskey revolution.

November – Compass Box
Compass Box was launched in 2000 by the American John Glaser, who was previously International Marketing Director at Johnnie Walker. To promote his whisky, John travelled through London visiting pubs and bars with samples and, in idiosyncratic style, handing out business cards billing himself as “John Glaser – Whisky Zealot”.
Compass Box’s modus operandi and strong work ethic is what sets them apart as an independent bottler and blender like no other. Compass Box buy individual casks and focus on creating a craftsman-like boutique product. None of their bottlings are chill-filtered, nor is any colouring added and are all married exclusively in American oak. This brings the characteristic sweetness to the whisky.
One of their unique expressions and a superb example of their methodology is Compass Box Hedonism. This is a marriage of between eight and fifteen different grain whiskies, most of which are over twenty years old and all are aged in first-fill American oak. Hedonism went on to be heralded as the World’s Best Grain Whisky at the 2008 World Whisky Awards. John Glaser was himself featured four times in Whisky Magazine as Innovator of the Year.

December – Laphroig
Laphroaig is a distillery whose malts are massively individual and utterly distinctive. The distillery was founded in 1810 by brothers Donald and Alexander Johnston on what was originally a family run farm in a small bay on the southernmost tip of Islay. Laphroaig’s unique flavour comes in part from its vicinity to the coast and the high moss content of its peat, which is processed in the distillery’s own floor maltings. Laphroaig (pronounced ‘La-FROYg’) is currently run by the US company Fortune Brands Inc and from 2002 it has consistently been the best-selling Islay single malt whisky worldwide. Within those seven years sales have increased by 50%.

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